3 Best Workout Apps for Women to Download in 2022

We are all well aware that working out does wonders for your physical and mental health, but at times it is hard to stick to an exercise regimen and be persistent with it. However, given that we live in a technologically advanced world, there are some things you can do to make sure you work out regularly.

There are multiple workout and exercise apps out there that you can download on your laptop, tablet, or phone and use at the home, office, or on the go. These apps act as your own personal virtual trainer, who will help you achieve your fitness goals. If you’re bored with your current home workout or are bored doing the same workout at the gym repeatedly, you can spice up your workout regimen via these workout apps.

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It is pretty simple to operate these workout apps. Sometimes to access the dense library of fitness content on these apps, you may need to pay a subscription or membership fee. Besides that, you’ll also need to subscribe to a reliable internet connection to stream the content on these apps, and in any given case you don’t have access to such a connection, you can subscribe to Spectrum Internet services via Spectrum Chat.

In this article, we will list down all the best workout apps out there for women alongside their outstanding features and what you can expect from each.


This fitness app is like a gym buddy for women who are trying to stay consistent with their fitness regimen. From weight training to guided audio workouts, there is plenty that this app offers to make it one of the best exercise apps for women. The workout videos and audios on the app are by certified personal trainers and range from High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that can help users lose weight and build muscle to yoga sessions for relaxation and flexibility. Besides that, it also offers specialty workout routines for women, who are training for a marathon or any other sporting activity.

Since its launch, the app has garnered up to 200,000 members and is regarded as one of the best fitness apps for women.


Whether you want to start a new diet plan or try out a new workout routine, MyFitnessPal is here to help you achieve your fitness goals. This app helps you keep track of your food intake and also offers recommendations on what you can eat to stay within your daily calorie and nutrient intake. Besides that, it also gives the users an option to create their own customized workout routines which include strength training, HIIT, log cardio, and other forms of exercises. You can access this app via different fitness devices as well including Fitbit, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, and more. You can also share your fitness accomplishments with your friends on different social media platforms via this app and see how much progress they are making with their fitness goals as well.


This is the best workout app for women, who want to make substantial lifestyle changes. This app acts more like a personal trainer on the go. It allows you to create your own workout plan based on your age, fitness goals, weight, and other important factors. Besides that, the app also offers customized diet plans and recipes of healthy dishes that can help you stay fit. The app has over 400 customized healthy diet plans and over 350 exercise routines to choose from, such as HIIT, strength training, and aerobics. It also has an in-built fitness tracker which allows you to measure your progress.


The above-mentioned are some of the best workout apps out there for women, no matter what kind of workout you feel like doing including, weight training, jogging, stair climbing, barre, or whichever. These apps help you stay persistent and track your progress so that you know where you stand in achieving your fitness goals.


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