Restaurant Interior Design in Modern Style

In the modern concept, the word “restaurant” has left the use of the aristocracy and entered the masses thanks to its many functions – it is a place to meet with friends, colleagues, and sometimes with clients (a place for business negotiations). Quite often, in such places you can meet people having lunch on a laptop and solving any complex tasks of the business world – why not? With such a flow of functional requirements , the interior design of a restaurant, nowadays, should be as comfortable as possible and adapted to many factors. In today’s world, these are such small things as the availability of wi-fi, several free sockets, decent lighting, even in the dark, and much more. The list can be listed for a very long time, but one thing remains unchanged – the restaurant must be designed in an original and functional design and be a luxurious place both for a regular lunch and for relaxing with loved ones.

One of the excellent solutions for restaurant interior design is the well-known Art Nouveau style. Even if the main canons of this style are preserved in the interior design, such as restrained symbolism, self-sufficient artistic systematicity – these features of the Art Nouveau style give it special originality and unusualness, along with the play of modern forms and the lack of connection with the past. The great advantage of this style is its flexibility with mixed style solutions – it is a good choice for those who want to see their premises not only classic and understandable to everyone, but also sophisticated, with aristocratic and sophisticated elements.

Soft natural colors, smooth curved lines, muted lighting, natural materials, stained glass windows, floral patterns and other whimsical decor elements – all this makes the interior design of the restaurant in the Art Nouveau style unusual and interesting due to the atmosphere of the intimacy of the space, even even though a restaurant is a public place.

Unusually, the Art Nouveau style combined the features of several eras at once. The style is characterized by asymmetry, high decorativeness and a large number of different ornaments and patterns. The feeling of softness and coziness of the interior is created due to the use of smooth lines.

During kitchen remodeling sacramento with modern interior design, special attention should be paid to lighting. As already mentioned above, the light should be muted – here the main thing is not to forget that people are dining in the restaurant, the staff is moving and poor lighting can harm the quality of work and the convenience of the restaurant for customers, so it is recommended to use many lamps, but in different locations, ideally – at different levels. In any case, the absence of bright light is important.

The color scheme is maintained in calm color solutions, contrasting combinations are not characteristic of this style.

Another advantage of the Art Nouveau style is its internationality, so if your restaurant has a diverse menu or completely unusual specifics that we have encountered before, then the interior design of the restaurant in the Art Nouveau style will emphasize its originality.


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