What siding problems may appear after installation?

Siding for finishing is a democratic material in terms of price and attractive ease of installation. Many owners of private houses or cottages want to buy siding. A lot is written about the fact that it has no problems in operation: it is frost-resistant, resistant to deformations, etc. But there are still problems with siding, and we suggest considering them. However, choose proven siding installers so that there are no problems with the facade of your house in the future

It is necessary to realize that the material has a large coefficient of expansion in heat, and under the influence of temperature, the lamella increases proportionally to the initial dimensions, both in thickness and length. So it turns out that if the installation technology is violated, the effect of surface distortion occurs. Moreover, several hot days are enough for siding problems to arise and the surface to become skewed. It is not possible to tightly connect the lamellas at the corners. When the lamella expands, it rests against the adjacent element, which in turn enters similarly. And as a result – bending of the cladding.

Are there waves on the siding?

There are if there were violations during installation. The fact is that the slats have a perforated area for their fastening. And during installation, it is necessary to insert a nail or screw only in the center of the oval hole. The shift of the fastening down, up or to the sides does not allow for uniform expansion of the lamellas when the temperature rises. They rest on the edges, creating tension, and the paneling acquires the relief of “Amur waves”, nullifying the aesthetics and service life of the material.

Does it not deform?

Deformations of vinyl lamellas are associated with thermal expansion. Non-observance of the temperature gap, as well as fastening, completely twisted (clogged) view from the side leads to deformation processes, both vertically and horizontally, as well as on the H-profile, starting and finishing lanes. When performing installation work, take into account the temperature of the surrounding air. In the warm season, gaps of 0.6 cm remain, as the material has already increased in volume, and for the cold season, it is necessary to leave gaps of 1 cm. Such insurance will help to avoid the problem of siding.

A common problem with siding is color loss

Trying to save, the owners purchase the material cheaper. They think that there is no difference, and the different price for them is a marketing ploy. And there is a difference! The lack of coloring pigments leads to the fact that it burns out in the sun, because there is no resistance to ultraviolet. It is less visible on light material, and visible on more saturated tones.

The appearance of mold on the siding

If mold has appeared on your vinyl, then this indicates that there is a factor of dampness and humidity. Vinyl is a product of organic chemistry. So, the possibility of the appearance of microorganisms is very likely. Plastic swells, indentations (invisible to us) appear, and fungi and mold begin to multiply on them. The way out is very simple – wash more often with a disinfectant solution.

Can vinyl plastic turn green?

This is also the result of high humidity and dampness. Only instead of microorganisms, mosses multiply on the surface, and the beautiful, shiny surface acquires a greenish color. Thorough washing with a special agent will correct the situation.

To avoid the problem of siding when facing the building, carefully study its technical characteristics. You should not choose the cheapest option, as its shortcomings will become apparent already in the first month of use. And don’t forget to observe the installation technology, taking into account thermal expansion, correct fastening. And we offer to buy siding with the help of, where you will find a long list of companies with current addresses and telephone numbers.


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