Free Download Telegram for Android, iPhone, and PC with 4 Simple Steps

Telegram is a quite popular messaging app nowadays. It is similar to all messaging apps and offers the same sorts of features. But, its security and privacy features are exceptional and best, and that’s why people consider this app. So, you must also consider and free download Telegram for Android and other devices.

About Telegram

Telegram is a great instant messaging application that is quite very popular nowadays. That is because it has all the similarities that a traditional messaging app offers, and you can compare this app with similar apps like LINE, Viber, and WhatsApp. However, you can do everything that you can do on other messaging apps. You can easily send and receive text messages. At the same time, you can share media files like photos, videos, documents, and other files too. In short, it is a great platform to connect with others without any issue.

But, now the crucial question that would be why you should use this if this has all the qualities like other popular messaging apps? Well, this application offers an additional and excellent feature that other apps don’t. That feature is its security and privacy about messaging. I mean, you can chat with others with the private chat feature, and that applies to the group as well. Besides, the great thing would be that the messages get erased after you are done chatting or a fixed time that is determined by you. And, the messages won’t be stored on the Telegram server as well. So, it provides the fullest security and privacy.

Features of Telegram

Here are the main features of the Telegram application:


Telegram is a messaging app, so it is the primary function of this app that its users will be able to exchange messages. If you are a user of this app, you will be able to send and receive text messages like other messaging apps without any issue. At the same time, you won’t have to pay a single penny for that.

Media Files

This application not only allows users to send and receive text messages but also lets users exchange and share media files with others like videos, photos, documents, and other stuff. It has no limitation on the amount of file sharing. So, you will be able to share as much as you want with others.

Privacy and Security

The main attraction of this app is its privacy and security features. I mean, you can make your conversation private in this app. You can easily create private chat along with private group chat. However, your messages will be deleted automatically after your chatting. Or, you can set a time for messages to be erased.


Telegram allows users to customize their profile and the app looks. You can easily change the color and the background of the app to make it look what you like. At the same time, with its customization feature, you can create your own theme for this platform.

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Profile Pictures

In this application, you will be able to upload more than one profile picture. Users can see your main profile picture, and when they swipe on the photo, they will be able to see the other pictures as well. It is a very cool feature.


Its interface is very user-friendly that makes it easy for users to use this app without any issues. The app is quite easy to operate for those who won’t have much technical knowledge due to its interface.

Free to Use

Telegram is entirely free to use. That means you won’t have to pay money to use this application. It only requires an internet connection.

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How to Download and Install Telegram for Android?

Follow these steps to get the Telegram app on your Android device:

Step-1: Go to the Google Play Store.

Step-2: Then, search the Telegram app by typing the name on the search box.

Step-3: As soon as the app appears, click on the install button.

Step-4: wait for a few moments, and you are done.


Telegram is a useful app, and you should get the app. I hope the above steps will help you a lot to download and install it. 


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