Metal siding the beauty of the walls of your house

Metal siding is a fairly common type of exterior finishing for modern buildings.

Metal siding is one of the most desirable finishing materials in the world of construction. Lightweight panels 12-30 cm wide and 1.5-6 m long are distinguished by two types of surface: profiled and smooth.
External finishing with siding panels is an excellent way not only to protect the walls of the building but also to give it an original look.
The variety of types and colors of metal siding allows you to choose the optimal material for almost any house.

Considering how rich the modern choice of metal siding is in terms of color, texture, and shape, this material is rightfully the best among its counterparts.

The advantage has been proven by time

♦ Environmental friendliness. In the process of manufacturing panels, components that meet the highest environmental safety requirements are used. They are absolutely safe for any living organisms.

Metal siding the beauty of the walls of your house2

By choosing metal siding, you care about the safety of living for yourself and your family. Metal is harmoniously combined with natural materials.

♦ Versatility. Metal siding is successfully used in any climatic zones, it is not afraid of temperature changes – the design of the panels is such that it does not deform when exposed to heat or cold.

Cladding with siding allows you to create one of the best types of exterior decoration – a ventilated facade, which allows condensate to pass through the walls of buildings, which prevents the process of destruction.

A solid and luxurious house that combines stone, metal, and wood in its decoration – an impressive exterior. The metal appearance makes the house visually “light”, harmoniously fitting it into the landscape.

♦ Simplicity. Since metal siding is quite light in weight, it is very easy to install. If you wish and have a little experience, you can easily install siding with your own hands. These characteristics make the siding material the best when renovating old buildings

Installation of metal siding can be carried out in any weather and period of the year, even in particularly unfavorable conditions. Lightness and ease of installation make metal siding quite a popular solution.

♦ Aestheticism. What is most important in the exterior decoration of a residential building? Reliability and attractiveness. Strong siding panels are resistant to painting, which allows manufacturers to paint them in numerous colors and give any texture.

The quality of the design functions is combined with the siding’s ability to “hide” wall communications (pipes, wiring, fasteners).

♦ Reliability. Metal siding is a very strong material. The metal base increases the service life of the panels and increases their fire safety performance. The service life of the products (more than 50 years) pleases.

Disadvantages? Experienced professional builders (for example, bay area siding) single out only one drawback of metal siding: poor thermal insulation. But the structural features of the siding make it easy to carry out additional internal insulation and do it without losing valuable living space.

A polymer in the world of design

High performance in the decorative design of external facades is given to the siding by a special polymer coating, which can be of several types:

♦ For a bright shine. One of the most popular types of siding treatment is the application of a layer of polyester (PET) on its surface. Panels with this coating are distinguished by a long service life, practicality, and functionality.

Polyester is an elastic material. When using it, it seems as if the siding gently envelops the building, creating a strong hermetic shell.

Such panels are so democratic and universal that they are suitable for cladding any buildings: both huge country cottages and small cottages.

Metal siding the beauty of the walls of your house3

Such metal siding can be any color.

♦ Tree. An unusual velvety coating imitating various natural materials is given to metal siding by matte polyester (Matt-PE) treatment. It contains Teflon in its composition, which increases the protective properties of the sheet.

Metal siding under a log or a wooden beam (block house) is especially popular here. It is practically indistinguishable from real wood.

However, unlike capricious wood, such panels require minimal and uncomplicated care (they need to be watered from time to time with water from a hose), and their service life is much longer.

♦ Stone. The original type of polymer coating made of synthetic polymer with the addition of mineral granules is known as polyurethane (PUR). It is famous for its high resistance to ultraviolet light and mechanical influences.

A colored layer of marble chips, ceramic granite, glazed ceramics, or clinker is applied to the surface of the panels. It resembles stone masonry. A particularly good imitation of marble, granite, or brick.

Metal siding with polyurethane coating has low thermal conductivity, it is not afraid of cold, heat, and moisture. It is resistant to decay. Such panels are successfully used in the treatment of curved walls.

♦ Skin. Plastisol is used to form an unusual covering of metal siding with an imitation under the skin. The effect of embossed leather gives the house a rich and presentable look. Plastisol has high impact and damage resistance. It is recommended to be used in conditions of high humidity (for example, on the sea coast).

Types of metal siding

When manufacturing siding, two types of metal are used: aluminum and galvanized steel. Galvanizing has high strength and resistance to mechanical influences of various kinds. But aluminum weighs less and is completely resistant to corrosion, thanks to its polymer coating. Siding also differs in structural features:

  • For facing the external walls of buildings.
  • It can be used to finish part of the facades and the plinth area. The color palette of the basement siding is darker compared to the facade.
  • In appearance, this siding resembles vinyl. Thanks to perforation, it better withstands temperature fluctuations, is more durable, and is easy to install.
  • It is mainly used when finishing closed spaces (terraces, non-residential rooms, gazebos, verandas).

To buy metal siding and not make a mistake, pay attention to the conditions of the area where it will be used. Metal siding with a polymer layer better protects the walls from weather phenomena, but it is easily damaged (if your house is located near gravel roads, there is a possibility of damage to it from a pebble flying out from under the car).


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