Thinking of Retiring in Texas? Here Are a Few Things to Know

Deciding on a state to retire in is complex business. Your mind has probably weighed the pros and cons of different areas based on your financial needs, medical needs, and more. If Texas has crossed your mind as a potential retirement location, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few things to know about retiring in Texas that should help you finalize your decision.

  1. It’s Affordable

The cost of living in Texas is 8 percent lower than the rest of the nation! And that’s not the only highlight when it comes to affordability. There is no income tax whatsoever in Texas, which means that your Social Security retirement benefits won’t be taxed. One caveat to remember is that property taxes are rather high in metropolitan areas, but Texas is a vast state with countless towns and villages to live in that don’t have that expense. One great option would be to look into 

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  1. The Weather is Gorgeous

While the most popular location for most retirees in America is undoubtedly Florida, Texas has equal quality when it comes to measuring up to the warmth of the Sunshine state. The expansive terrain of the state experiences similar weather. Warm year-round, with potentially hot and humid summers. Air conditioning runs everywhere, however, so you won’t be uncomfortable if you choose to venture into town for any kind of enrichment. There is the slight danger of hurricanes impacting the far east edge of the state, but rest assured that emergency associations are becoming more skilled in timing and handling environmental issues like this to keep you safe. If your blood pressure medication has you feeling chilly in your current state, Texas could be the right change for you. 

  1. The People are Friendly

People really are different out west. If you’re a New Englander used to the chillier aspects of both weather and the human condition, or a New Yorker who is embroiled in the rushed and misanthropic stampede that is Northeastern metropolitan living, then moving to the south west could be a really useful change in your life. There is something peaceful and comforting about knowing that your neighbors and community are on your side. Even the friendly hellos of taking a walk in your neighborhood could make your retirement years infinitely more joyful. 

  1. You’ll Always Have Something to Do

If you want a quiet, peaceful retirement in a small neighborhood, without any real need to go out and do anything, you’ll be just fine in Texas. If you are the complete opposite, and want to fill your retirement years with enrichment and discovery, Texas is also the place for you! The state is jam-packed with zoos, museums, greenspace, aquariums, historic landmarks, festivals, fine dining, theatre, and much, much more.

Choosing a place to retire doesn’t have to be an anxiety-ridden decision. Rest assured that if you are considering moving to Texas, you will be delighted by the change of pace and lifestyle, as it affords you the great pleasures and peace in life that aren’t readily available to those in the middle of their working years. 

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