Packing your bathroom

An upcoming move often adds more stress to everyday life. Do all items need to be transported? What utilities should be connected in a new place now? How to collect your things? And, as a rule, planning and making lists, as well as following these plans, helps a lot in moving. By hiring professional movers you can be sure that your things will be transported carefully and quickly. But first you need to pack them.

The bathroom is usually used until the day of the move, so you can start with cleaning in here: throw away expired and almost used creams, shower gels and perfumes without regrets. If you have strong cleaning chemistry and there’s little left in the bottle, try using it up. Otherwise you should dispose of it safely, but don’t forget to leave something for the moving day. Also compare the prices of accessories or things like shower gels and shampoos: in the case when it is cheaper to buy new ones than to pack up and move the ones you have, then it is worth giving away unopened and unused bottles to friends, acquaintances and neighbors.

The bathroom packing is better left for the moving day (or evening before it) and includes the following steps:

Cleaning and Drying: It is important to clean all bathroom surfaces before packing. Remove all items from shelves, sinks, tubs, and shower walls. Also make sure all bathroom surfaces are dry to prevent damage to items during transit.

Personal Item Packing: Gather all your personal items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries. Pack them in shatterproof containers or bags to prevent spillage or damage to other items.

Packing towels and linens: Fold and pack towels and linens in boxes or bags. It is recommended that you mark the boxes appropriately so that you can easily find the items you need after moving.

Removing shower heads and curtains: If possible, remove shower heads and remove shower curtains. Pack them separately to prevent damage or soiling during transit.

Protecting Mirrors and Glass Surfaces: If your bathroom has mirrors or other glass surfaces, make sure they are protected from damage. Use bubble wrap or special protective materials to wrap them before packing.

Packing fragile items: If you have fragile items such as glass jars, perfumes or cosmetics, pack them in protective packaging or place them in a separate box with extra protection material.

Box Labeling: After packing everything, make sure each box or package is labeled appropriately so you can easily identify its contents and destination in a new location.

Preparing plumbing: Before leaving, turn off the water taps and make sure there are no leaks or plumbing problems. If required, call a specialist to check and service plumbing systems.

After you have packed everything and made sure that nothing is left, clean the bathroom. Now you’re good to go and wait for the unpacking moment at your new place.


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