KuCoin Guide About Block Traders

Undoubtedly a huge number of traders’ priority is the KuCoin platform. Due to its availability in more than 200 countries, KuCoin creates its space as a landmark of cryptocurrency. The goal of KuCoin is to provide the best customer support and keep its platform as simple as possible. KuCoin also introduced a mobile app to provide traders with more flexibility. It doesn’t matter whether you trade spot or future. You will get the best service at the KuCoin site. As we all know, KuCoin updates its users about every service they provide on its platform, so in this article, we discuss the block traders guide.

Block Trades:

This trade is considered the transection of a good amount of cryptocurrency between two parties. kuCoin P2P provides a secure way to sell or buy digital coins from verified merchants. If you wish to exchange a big amount of currency, we are here to guide you about block trades. Block Trades are normally a transection of fixed amounts like stocks. Crypto traders also rely on block trades to buy or sell their assets. The basic fundamental of a block trade is to find a third-party person for the transaction of your asset. This is similar in the case of stocks as well. 

KuCoin P2P Block Trading:

KuCoin Peer to Peer trading makes it easier for traders to sell or buy cryptocurrency in any part of the world in their local currency. KuCoin P2P platform support about 20 fiat currencies, including USDT, BTC, ETH, USTC, KCS, DOGE, etc. In this method of block trading, you have more control to find the best price and select the block trader by your choice. KuCoin also provides a list of trusted traders and escrow services alongside a guide during trading. 

Advantages of KuCoin P2P Trading:

There is no fee on a Kuoin platform regarding P2P trading. Due to the high competition, you will get a spectacular price on the KuCoin website. Also, KuCoin support different payment methods method depend on your country. With the bank transfer, they provide PayPal, Payoneer, and other methods for easy transactions. There is a very strict policy about payment protection at KuCoin. You will always find a vetted merchant on their platform. With the help of the Golden Merchant Program, KuCoin ranks its merchants weekly and conducts new tests for upcoming merchants. Due to their strict policies, you will find fast responses and quick transactions at their site.


Block trading in the crypto world is highly required for the stock market. Due to a lack of advancement in many countries’ banking systems, you may not be able to buy or sell digital coins directly via bank accounts or bank cards. For this reason, block trading plays a vital role and makes transection easier at different corners of the world. With the help of the P2P feature present in different crypto exchanges, you will easily trade your assets in your country. KuCoin is one of the famous exchanges that takes all measures related to peer-to-peer trading with the help of a robust system and professional team.


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