Top 10 Best SEO Tips for Beginners to Earn More Clicks and Gain More Visitors

If you are a beginner in SEO and want to go higher in Google ranking, then you should do effective SEO on your site. Well, you can just follow my SEO tips for beginners if you don’t know anything at all. With these tips, you will get more clicks and a boost in your ranking.

Important SEO Tips for Beginners

These are the important SEO tips for beginners that they should follow:

1. Create Google My Business Profile

If you are creating a brand or running a business that you want to promote on the internet, you should do SEO. And, the first thing you can do is to create a profile on Google My Business. It will show your site on the Google relevant search. I hope you have already seen some of you have searched for any7 hotels, restaurants, or famous places. 

2. Long-tail Keywords

Keyword research is a must-do task for SEO. And, I must say you should always go for the long-tail keywords. That is because long-tail keywords have less competition than short-tail keywords but have good search volume. Besides, you won’t find it troublesome to work with long0tail keywords. So, choose long-tail keywords for your site.

3. Understand User’s search Intents

You must understand what visitors are looking for. I mean what they are searching for. Well, most of the users act like this in the Google search. They have three search intents:

Informational Intent: A user who is searching for information on any particular topic.

Navigational Intent: A person is who is looking for a specific website.

Transactional Intent: A person who wants to buy a product.

However, these are the intents that people show on their Google search, and you have to do SEO and optimize your site by considering these aspects.

4. Use Right Keyword Research Tools

So, you have decided which keyword is best for you and focus on. Now, you start researching keywords, and you can use the right keyword research tools. However, you can use tools like Google Autocomplete, KeywordTool, Google Keyword Planner, etc. These are the best tools and will provide you all the data that you need.

5. Use Core Keywords for Each Page

You have to choose a core keyword for every page of your website. That is because its high search volume will generate traffic. It will help you to gain lots of visitors as well. Besides, you should also find some relevant keywords and add them to your page that you will find using the keyword research tool. 

6. Use Spicy Title Tags

It is also important to use spicy title tags on the web page. That is because title tags are the things that a person will see in the search engine, and if it’s spicy and useful enough, then that person will click on it or otherwise else’s site. It’s similar to the first impression when meeting someone new, which is very important.

7. Informative Mata Description

The Meta description appears below on title tags in the search results. It is not that important factor to consider, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid it. You should make an informative meta description that summarizes your content that will help the visitor to decide whether he or she visits the site or not.

8. Highlight Keywords

Another important tip for SEO is to highlight your keywords on headings and content. It will boost your ranking. That is because keywords are the things that are responsible for your ranking. And, the search engine shows results according to the keywords. So, you should highlight keywords on tags like H1, H2, H3, etc., along with paragraphs, tables, etc.

9. Create Contents for Users

While creating content for your site, you must always prioritize users rather than search engines. That is because visitors are the important things for you. So, always create content user-friendly and those types of content that help the users. It will help you to boost your ranking, and if visitors find it useful, they will always come back to your site.

10. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are actually a certain part of your content along with your site that will appear above the search results, and that place is called position zero. Featured snippets display around 50% of the search results. It will rank your site higher and will earn you more clicks and visitors.


These are the most important SEO tips for beginners. You should follow and apply this for your site, and I hope these will help you with your ranking.


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