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Delta emulator is an iOS emulator that allows you to play classic console games on iPhones and iPads for free. Image:

Have ever heard about the Delta emulator?   

Welcome to the ultimate guide on the Delta emulator, a leading iOS application for classic console gaming on iPhones and iPads. Let us learn how to play classic console game systems like NES, NDS, N64, GBA, and Sega Genesis games using an iOS device with Delta.  We’ll share the essentials you need to know to play classic games with Delta.   

What is Delta Emulator?   

Delta emulator is an application that works as a real gaming console inside an iOS device. It is designed as a versatile emulator, supporting NES, NDS, N64, GBA, and Sega Genesis systems. This iOS emulator converts your iPhone or iPad into a gaming console that has the same features and functionalities.    

With the new advancements of the iPhones and iPads, you can play your favorite classic game titles even better than an original gaming console.    

Why Choose Delta for Retro Gaming?   

There are many valid reasons for selecting the Delta emulator as the preferred iOS emulator for retro gaming. It comes with a user-friendly interface compared with its alternatives. Delta is compatible with console systems like NES, NDS, N64, GBA, and Sega Genesis for retro gaming.    

Its performance and regular updates ensure that users can get an uninterrupted gaming experience. Also, this iOS emulator has communities, forums, and groups that share knowledge about the Delta emulator. This is helpful when you need to find information or solutions for issues related to the Delta iOS emulator.    

How to set up Delta for playing retro games?  

Install Delta Emulator   

As step number one, you need to download and install Delta on your iOS device. To do that you need to install the AltStore on your iPhone or iPad first.    

AltStore is an alternative app store for iOS to install third-party applications on iPhones and iPads that are not available on the Apple app store.    

When you completed installing the AltStore, open the app and search for Delta. When you find it, click the install button and AltStore will install the Delta emulator on your iPhone or iPad.    


Navigate to your device settings, open “General,” then “Profiles & Device Management.” Trust the Delta emulator developer to ensure smooth functioning.   

Importing Games   

There are two methods available for importing games to the Delta. The first one is using the Delta in-inbuilt game browser for finding and adding games to the Delta game library.    

The second method is importing ROM files directly to Delta. To use this method, you need to download ROM files for your device and open the downloaded ROM files by sharing them with the Delta emulator. Delta will add your ROMs to the game library once you complete the ROM-sharing step.   


You can change the emulator settings to suit your preferences, ensuring an optimal gaming experience.   

Exploring Delta’s User Interface   

  1. Delta’s user-friendly interface is designed with simplicity in mind. Even if you have never used an iOS emulator before, the Delta is still easy to use with its simple and user-friendly interface.  
  2. Easily browse through your game library and settings with Delta’s simple menu.   
  3. Organize your games effortlessly by adding, removing, and moving games through the game library.  
  4. Use filters to categorize games by console, genre, or favorites for quick access.   
  5. Delta allows the use of save states, and customizable controls for making retro gaming more flexible for the users.  
  6. You can customize visual and audio settings to suit your preferences.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are answers to common queries for iOS users to play retro games with Delta.  

Is Delta Emulator Legal?   

Yes, Delta is legal, but ensure you own the games you play to comply with copyright laws.   

Why Choose Delta Over Other Emulators?   

Delta’s user-friendly interface, regular updates, and compatibility with almost all of the classic game consoles make it a top choice for many retro gaming enthusiasts.   

Are There In-App Purchases?   

No, Delta is entirely free, even you can add games that do not come with Delta when installing for free.  

How Do I Troubleshoot Performance Issues?   

Check for emulator and iOS updates, adjust settings, and ensure your device has sufficient storage for optimal performance.   

Can I Play Multiplayer Games on Delta?   

No, Delta primarily supports single-player experiences.   


Delta emulator is one of the best iOS emulators available to turn your iOS device into a time machine for classic gaming. With its user-friendly interface, compatibility, and regular updates, Delta stands on top for retro gaming enthusiasts.   

So have the best nostalgic experience through NES, NDS, N64, GBA, and Sega Genesis classics. Happy gaming! 


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