Is Astro Turf the Same Thing as Artificial Grass, and Vice Versa?

People frequently use the terms “artificial grass” and “Astro Turf” interchangeably, particularly when referring to the kind of artificial turf that you might see on a football pitch or another type of sports ground. This is because the two terms have very similar meanings. However, what exactly is synthetic grass? What is the main difference between artificial grass and AstroTurf?

What Is the Difference Between Astro Turf and Artificial Grass?

Simply put, Astro Turf is the name of a company based in the United States that began manufacturing artificial turf for use in playing surfaces in the year 1960. On the other hand, the word “artificial grass” is more of a catch-all phrase that refers to any and all types of fake grass or artificial turf. In addition, in order to create a product that is visually more appealing, manufacturers of artificial grass strive to model its characteristics after those of natural grass as closely as possible.

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Is It Better to Play Sports on Astroturf?

Although Astro Turf was first developed for use on sports fields, research has shown that utilising this particular kind of artificial grass does not offer any advantages over using any other brand of synthetic grass when it comes to playing sports or participating in other types of activities.

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We routinely install artificial grass on playgrounds and athletic fields across the country. In point of fact, all of our synthetic grass has been given the go-ahead for installation in PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 Primary Play Spaces. Furthermore, there is a kit that is designed specifically for each of these play areas, allowing the turf to be installed in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost in terms of labour.

Where Else Might I Make Use of Synthetic Grass?

There are many more sites that could benefit from fake grass in addition to gardens, sports fields, and playgrounds. Artificial grass is ideal for maintaining a green appearance throughout the year in these areas. Have you given any thought to the possibility of installing fake grass in your house? Artificial grass can help you bring the outdoors in and give a lovely splash of colour to any home, regardless of whether you install it as a whole carpet for an outdoors feature or football-inspired room or simply utilise a couple of patches as accent pieces.

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