How to Send Your Party Guests Home Happy

The guests that attend your party can make the party what it is. They’re the most important element of an event, because no guests means no party!

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How do you send your party guests home happy? You have a few different options that you could try. You have party games, a comedy show, or even a great meal!

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Party Games

Smaller gatherings can be stalled very quickly if you don’t have ways to keep your guests entertained. Games never fail. You can try a whole multitude of options like charades, Pictionary, or even a simpler option like a board game.

Charades is one of the party game originals that helps people to get off the couch and physically participate to figure out what their partner is supposed to be explaining. Others like Pictionary and board games are better for simply sitting down for a relaxing time with whoever you’re with.

Just remember, if interactive games don’t work, just use board games so people can be relaxed and entertained!


There are a few options that you have available to you in terms of using comedy. You can have an open mic night or you can book a specific comedian to perform.

Open-mic-nights are good for parties because of how pure they are. You can do something like allowing all of your party-goers chances to go up and entertain the rest of the crowd with their own improvised comedy.

They could have one of two outcomes, one is that they will actually be funny and keep the crowd entertained, or there is the other option. The option where they aren’t funny and the crowd still laughs and thinks it’s funny that they tried.

If you aren’t comfortable with doing that, you can hire an actual comedian. Comedians like Tony Baker are excellent options to keep your crowd entertained. Professionals who know what they’re doing and are sure to send your party guests home happy and smiling!


A great way to send your party-goers home happy is with stomachs full of good food. Feeding people a good meal at the end of the day could be your only option without entertainment.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I’m just here for the food?” That’s your party-goer that will leave happy because you fed them great food.

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In terms of a menu for this good food, you should give your party-goers a good variety of options for even the picky eaters to choose from so that they don’t leave disappointed. More options mean potentially more people that will attend your party.

Food is key to success, especially if you don’t have a good source of entertainment as talked about above. If they can’t be entertained and they are bored, then that will open the door for them to eat more food because of their boredom.

Feed your guests and keep them entertained in some way. As long as you do those, then your party-goers are guaranteed to leave happy!

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