Timber Decking vs Eco Decking – What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between timber decking and eco decking? These decking materials look similar on the surface, but there are some major differences that make one better than the other in certain aspects.

Before you begin your next home decking project, read this article to learn everything you need to know about eco decking and timber decking. It might help you determine which type of wood or composite decking to use so you end up with a long-lasting and beautiful outdoor space.

  1. Cost Comparison

While eco decking could be a bit more expensive at the front than traditional timber decking, you’ll see that it comes with a number of added benefits. Eco decking products will last much longer than traditional timber or plastic decking, saving you money on maintenance and prolonging their usable life span.

In addition to saving money on replacement costs, eco deck materials are much less likely to get damaged by environmental factors like rain or the harsh sun in Melbourne summer. If you take proper care of your eco-friendly product, it could potentially last for decades without getting damaged at all! With timber decking materials, your decks will need to be replaced regularly throughout its lifetime if you want them to stay in good condition and look as good as new.

  1. Environmental Impact

There are two big questions to ask when you’re comparing timber and eco decking. One is environmental impact, because buying new materials to build a deck can have a huge impact on air quality and water pollution.

Timber decking has traditionally been made using treated pine or cedar planks, but it is also now possible to get a similar look with recycled plastic products. These new eco decking materials are made from recycled plastic, or by using timber or wood chips sourced from sustainable forests. The environmental benefits of eco decking have been highlighted in recent years and consumers often choose them over traditional timber decking to ensure their home is as green as possible. If you’re considering going eco-friendly with your next project then take a look at the eco decking option before you make a decision.

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  1. Lifespan Comparison

One of eco decking’s biggest benefits is its lifespan. Eco decks will last upwards of 30 years when cared for properly, and some decks have been around for decades. The longevity offered by eco decking can often justify its higher price tag in comparison to traditional timber decking materials. If you’re looking for an investment piece that will stand up to time, Eco decking is a great option. Timber deck boards, on the other hand, are made from could last between 10-15 years under much more delicate care and maintenance. If you don’t want to take as much time with your decks upkeep as a timber deck requires, eco decking might be a better fit for you.​

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  1. what colours are available for eco deck and timber deck

The use of natural materials for timber decking means there are a wide range of choices when it comes to colour and style. The real colour and wood pattern in timber decks are quite unique and cannot be matched by other decking materials easily. However in the recent years, the manufacturing technology of the eco decking products got a lot better that they almost have the same look and feel as a timber deck. The colour options of eco decks also expanded a lot from grey eco deck to brown, black and charcoal exo decks.

  1. eco deck vs timber deck, which looks better

Eco decking or timber decking. Learn whether wood and synthetic material is right for your outdoor patio space by reading our quick rundown of pros and cons below. When choosing a material for a new home or renovation project, there are many factors to consider such as appearance, cost, performance, maintenance and more. Whether eco deck look better or not is very much a personal choice. For example, some homeowners prefer to have the real wood pattern whereas others might prefer the simplicity in eco decking’s look and feel. We would say, the best looking deck is the one that matches with your outdoor space’s ambience.

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  1. Maintenance Comparison

While regular maintenance is required to keep both types of deck looking good, timber decking requires more upkeep than eco decking boards. Timber requires more stain, which can be applied more often. For example, you can reapply timber stain every couple of months while you would usually wait several years between coats on eco decking materials. Ultimately, a well-maintained deck will last much longer than one that is not cared for.

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