Is Steph Curry Cheating on His Wife?

Steph Curry’s marriage to Ayesha Curry has been questioned due to rumors that he is cheating on her. The NBA star and his wife were married on July 30, 2011 after dating for a few years. They met at a church youth group and went on to marry each other. While their marriage is seemingly perfect, many people are wondering if they are truly married or if Steph is simply cheating on his wife.

Aside from the rumors, there have been no official sources to confirm or deny that Curry is indeed cheating on his wife. In an interview with the Ringer show earlier this year, Curry revealed that there is a big difference between having an affair with your parents. He explained that if he and Ayesha were still a couple, he could be angry and tell them, “You effed this up.”

The two are parents to three children, Riley, Ryan, and Canon. The couple has denied cheating on their wife. Ayesha and Steph share the responsibility of raising their children. Both parents are devoted Christians and they credit their faith with getting them through tough times. If they are cheating on their wife, they must be hiding their affair. It’s possible that their affair was not so secret after all. If the rumor is true, it would be embarrassing for Ayesha Curry to reveal such intimate details.

It isn’t surprising that the Warriors have gotten close to the finals this year. With Curry’s talent and hard work, the Golden State Warriors are likely to be the third seed in the Western Conference. Curry averages around 28 points in the postseason and has the ability to win any game. Whether the infamous shooting foul was actually a cheating move or not is still a question for the Golden State Warriors.

The divorce process has been complicated and rocky. Curry’s ex-wife, Sonya Curry, has been accused of cheating on her husband, Dell. Sonya Curry has not allowed herself to stay in the Curry family home after the divorce. Dell Curry is a high profile athlete and the scandal he caused has divided the couple’s family. Sonya Curry has been a staunch supporter of her son, but it’s clear that she is in a new relationship.

During a game, Curry sprinted two steps to the basket in a matter of seconds. The first time, he took three steps, while the second time, he took four steps. Thankfully, the referees didn’t call Curry for cheating. Then again, if the other player did the same thing, the refs would probably have called Curry for cheating. So the question is: is Curry cheating? If so, is he really cheating?


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