What are the Types of Family Law Cases?

There is an array of family law dealing with every legal aspect of a family. Similarly, like the divorce lawyer Boston, legal representatives are dealing with other aspects like adoption, guardianship, domestic violence, etc. 

Here are some of the most common issues that a family lawyer and a family court handles:

  • Estate planning
  • Juvenile matters
  • Termination of paternity or adoption rights
  • Protection orders against abusers and domestic violence case
  • Approval and emancipation of minor marriages
  • Marriage dissolution
  • Name change
  • And a lot more

How can a family law attorney help in these cases?

A family law attorney is a seasoned brain who has acquired every possible knowledge about various types of family law and the way to deal with them. Furthermore, there are family law attorneys who are specialized in certain areas. 

Instance #1, a lawyer who will be there for one out of an abusive partner or parent is known as an abuse lawyer. Be it the process of filing petitions regarding protection orders, or finding a domestic violence center, the lawyer will be by your side. Also, they will help you in claiming compensation for medical charges and emotional turmoil you have gone through. 

Instance #2, like the above-mentioned function of an abuse lawyer, a child custody lawyer will help the parents get custody of the child. They will help the parents in agreeing on mutual terms regarding the duties and child support payments. In matters that the parents are not able to discuss mutually, they will help in legal representation. 

Instance #3, the function of an estate planning lawyer is to evaluate the financial liberties of an individual including liquid cash, property, and valuable assets. They help an individual to make a will and plan what they want to be done with their assets after their demise. 

Any kind of situation you are in they will help you out with their knowledge and legal expertise. Family laws are complicated and there are many lawyers for them. Estate planning, child custody, and so on need a load of documents to be submitted, which without a lawyer one will miss out resulting in the rejection of the petition. 


If is important that before going to any family law attorney you identify the ground you will be needing help with. To add up, seek their track records and how long they are in this field to get efficient service. 

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