Terms and Conditions Jun88 Must Know When Playing Betting

Jun88 Terms and Conditions are the first important and basic issues that every player must learn if they want to participate in online betting. In this article, we will present the most important rules here, giving you an overview before officially using the service of the bookie.

1.Specific Jun88 Terms and Conditions

To ensure fairness, transparency and safety for all players when participating in the house system, Jun88 has created the following regulations:

1.1 Regulations on betting accounts

When registering an account at Jun88, players are required to comply with the following regulations and conditions:

The information provided to the bookie must be true, accurate and match with the identification documents, including name, email, phone number and address. In case of violation, the house has the right to refuse service, lock the account and prohibit withdrawal without prior notice.

A player is only allowed to register and manage only one betting account at Jun88. If a player creates multiple accounts, the system will lock the entire account, even blacklisting your information.

In case the deposit amount displayed in the account does not match the actual amount, the player needs to contact the bookie’s customer support team to be checked and resolved.

Regulations on betting accounts at the bookie

1.2 Jun88 terms and conditions on deposit amount

The rules of the house regarding depositing into the account need to be followed:

The name of the depositing bank account and the account name registered at Jun88 must match.

To participate in betting games at the house, players need to deposit at least 100,000 VND. This is the minimum amount for the bookie’s betting system to ensure smooth and reasonable operation.

Before sending money, it is recommended to contact Jun88’s customer service team in advance to receive detailed information about the receiving account number. This helps to avoid confusion and unwanted risks.

1.3Terms and Conditions on Withdrawal Matters

In order to perform safe withdrawals and comply with the regulations of https://jun88.dev/, players need to pay attention to the following terms and conditions:

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 50,000 VND per transaction.

VIP members are allowed to withdraw up to 10 times in a day and limit the withdrawal amount to 10 billion VND/day. Regular members are only allowed to withdraw up to 5 times in a day and limit the amount that can be withdrawn is 1 billion VND/day.

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To be successful in withdrawing, you must adhere to the minimum values of the amount and the number of bets prescribed by the bookie.

In some special cases, Jun88 may ask players to provide additional information such as a copy of their national ID card, driver’s license, bank statement… and all this information will be protected. absolute confidentiality.

Do not share account information with others to withdraw money to avoid unwanted risks.

Terms and Conditions for Withdrawal Matters

1.4 Regulations on promotions at Jun88

Here are the rules and conditions related to promotions that Jun88 applies, which players need to comply with:

The offers offered by Jun88 are all denominated in VND and according to the Vietnam time zone GMT+7.

Each member, phone number, email address can only participate in the promotion once and use the same payment method. Violation of these terms and conditions to take advantage of the promotion will result in immediate account closure.

In special cases, Jun88 may require members to provide account information or verify identity to ensure the interests of both parties and prevent forgery.

The bookie reserves the right to modify or terminate the promotions without prior notice. And the house will adjust the membership level depending on each specific situation.

2.Benefits of mastering the house rules

Understanding the terms and conditions of the Jun88 house brings many important benefits to players, including:

Protecting personal interests: Understanding the rules and conditions helps players know exactly their rights to avoid being taken advantage of or encountering fraudulent issues related to accounts, transactions or promotions.

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Avoiding Violations and Consequences: Following the rules helps avoid account lockouts, loss of access to services, or loss of opportunities to participate in promotions.

Optimize the gaming experience: Understanding the Jun88 regulations helps players make the best use of features and offers.

Benefits of mastering the terms and conditions of the house Jun88


Above are the Jun88 terms and conditions that you must know before participating in betting here. Understanding the rules will help players know how to properly use the rules to their advantage. As a result, you can fully enjoy the games and services at the bookie safely and effectively.


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