Fran Barstool Podcaster and Sports Reporter

Fran Walsh grew up with a passion for sports and decided she wanted to work in the industry. While many young women pursue careers in television and journalism, Fran decided she wanted to combine her two passions. So she followed Smitty, the head Philadelphia sports personality for Barstool Sports, and began to tweet about intern positions. This internship gave her the opportunity to work in the world of sports broadcasting. She was thrilled to learn about the many benefits that Barstool has to offer and to meet people from various industries.

Besides her podcast show, Francesca Mariano earns from brand deals and merch. She also has her own brand of merch, which you can purchase on her Barstool site. She also has other shows, like thedimepackage, that she hosts. You can follow Francesca on Instagram, on Youtube, or on Itunes through the Barstools Chicks in the Office show. She has a growing following on social media platforms.

Francesca Mariano is a podcaster, Instagram star, and a number 20 for Brian Dawkins’s list of people to follow on Instagram. She is 27 years old and celebrates her birthday on September 20. She started her Instagram journey in 2012 and has amassed a huge following in just a short time. Francesca’s personal interests include reading, traveling, and soccer. Her podcast is available on iTunes and YouTube.

You may have heard about Fran Barstool, the woman behind one of the most popular pop culture podcasts in the country. After an internship with Barstool, she was able to launch a new podcast called Chicks in the Office. This podcast was nominated for a People’s Choice Award, and Fran continues to make it a priority. She also has another podcast called the Dime Package, which she started with Barstool personality Kayce Smith.

Francesca Mariano makes money from brand deals and sponsorship as a podcast host. She also sells merch on Barstool. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Her Barstools Chicks in the Office show is also available on Itunes. She’s been in the spotlight for years, and it’s clear that people are paying attention to her show. She has earned over 5 million subscribers to her podcast and continues to make more with each episode.

Francesca Mariano, the host of the popular podcast Chicks in the Office, is a serial podcaster and an Instagram star. Her shows have earned her more attention, and she also works with the brand through sponsorships and brand collaborations. You can find Francesca Mariano merchandise on Barstool. Her personal interests are traveling and reading. She has a great interest in soccer. Besides being a professional podcaster, she also enjoys playing soccer and has a great passion for the sport.


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