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The AUDI full form stands for the surname of its founder August Horsch, a Latin name which translates to “Listen.” The company has become a globally recognized brand of automobiles, and it is positioned as a premium brand within the Volkswagen Group. Founded in 1932, the brand began as a group of four independent motor vehicle manufacturers. Benz Motor Corporation had a license for the brand at the time, and the four rings on the Audi logo are meant to represent the four original members of the company.

The company has been producing automobiles in India since September 2007 at the Skoda Auto India Private Limited plant in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. It produces sedans such as the Audi A3, A4, A6 and A7, as well as sport utility vehicles such as the Q3 and Q5. It also produces the popular A3 SUV and the SUV version of the Audi Q7. The Audi brand is the third largest manufacturer of automobiles worldwide, with sales of more than two million vehicles a year in India.

The company name, “Audi,” comes from the surname of August Horch, which means listen. It is a German automaker that is headquartered in Ingolstadt. The company’s cars are among the most luxurious on the market, and its logo is comprised of four rings. The four rings are symbolic of the four original automobile companies that banded together to create the company. If you have ever seen an Audi, you know what a quality car it is.

In the 1930s, the Great Depression hit the world’s car market, and four successful car companies faced financial difficulties. This forced the state bank to initiate a merger of these brands. The result was the creation of the second-largest German car company – today’s AUDI AG. Its name has changed to “Audi” since that time. Its founders are the inventors of many modern automobiles.

Audi’s logo is the four ceiling rings. They represent the four German manufacturers of the Auto Union. The DKW, Wanderer, and Horch are the other manufacturers. The state of Bavaria is represented by the BMW emblem, which appears in a spinning airplane propeller in a 1929 ad. A lot of people don’t understand what an Audi car is, but the brand’s commitment to innovation and technology makes it an outstanding choice for luxury cars.


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